Ways To Keep Your Heater And Your Wallet In Top Condition
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4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Heater and Your Wallet in Top Condition

You might be better off replacing your furnace if a part like the heat exchanger breaks and the unit is over 15 years old, but until that point you should treat your current furnace with care. Fortunately, taking care of your heating and cooling systems also means taking care of your wallet.

Not sure what we mean? If you want to help your furnace service run smoothly, it’s important that you practice moderation, which in the long run can save you a lot of money. Here are some simple ways you can save money while saving your HVAC system from destruction.

Dress for the Weather

One of the simplest things you can do to save money on your heating and cooling services is to dress to the season. If it’s freezing outside, dress in layers and keep a pair of warm socks handy. In contrast, summer clothing should consist of light fabric and minimal layering. That’s right, something as simple as clothing can save you from high energy bills.

Change the Sheets

For the majority of people, it’s easier to sleep when it’s a little bit cooler, but that doesn’t mean you should keep your summer sheets on the bed. Flannel sheets will keep you nice and toasty during the winter while allowing you to turn the heat down at the same time. Don’t forget to have extra blankets around during the colder months, either.

Light a Candle

A candle won’t heat up your house, but it will alert you to where the drafty areas in your home are. Holding a lit candle near windows and doors can alert you to areas that need to be sealed up in order to maintain a more constant temperature in your home.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

You should have heating and air conditioning repairs done at least twice every year, and especially if a noise or smell alerts you to a technical issue. You might think that air conditioning repair only needs to happen during the summer, but the truth is that inspections in the Spring and in Autumn can vastly improve your energy efficiency.

No matter the issue, make sure to contact us for regular HVAC inspections.

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