Common Commercial AC Issues And How To Fix Them
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Common Light Commercial Air Conditioning Issues and How to Fix Them

Whether you’re running a small business or a distribution warehouse, it’s safe to say you’re using a light commercial air conditioning system to keep your employees cool when the weather gets hot. But what happens when an issue with your HVAC system arises?

There are a few common issues that air conditioners run into every now and then, but if you want to prevent any serious damage from happening, it’s important that you’re aware of what those issues are. To help you prevent any heating and cooling mishaps, here are a few common light commercial air conditioning issues you need to be aware of.

Inconsistent Cooling

If one area of your building is hotter or cooler than another and you’re getting various complaints from your employees, it could mean there’s an issue with your AC. Specifically, it could be an indication of leaks within your duct work. In order to fix this issue, the leaks first need to be identified by an AC repair service.

Rooftop Unit Damage

Placing an AC unit on the roof might seem like a foolproof way to prevent damage and clutter, but the truth is that it’s still exposed to all of the elements. If you notice any strange noises or inconsistency in your airflow, it’s a good idea to have your rooftop unit inspected. Debris can easily make its way into the unit if maintenance goes unchecked for a little while, so investing in regular inspections can be a good preventative measure.

Capacity Problems

Whether it’s weird noises, poor air flow, or inconsistencies with temperature, sometimes the issues can all point to the fact that your AC might be over capacity. If you’ve recently expanded, your AC could be too small to accommodate all of the space. On the other hand, your AC could be too large, delivering too much cold air and effectively turning your workplace into a giant freezer. Improper HVAC installation could be reducing your system’s efficiency by up to 30% and costing you a pretty penny in energy bills.

Some of these issues simple arise over time, but proper AC installation and regular maintenance can also help you prevent damage to your AC and to your business.

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