While the weather in Michigan hasn’t gotten too chilly yet, we can expect to get our fair share of frosts, heavy snows, as well as below-freezing temperatures this season. While you may not have turned on the heat in your company’s office or building in a while, it’s not out of the question that you could be in need of heating repair.

It’s best to take care of any heating and cooling needs well before you actually need to use your HVAC system. Since we’re in a mild weather period, now is the best time.

Heating is extremely important in an office building for a variety of reasons. Just as you don’t like to be cold in your own home, employees don’t like being cold at work. Uncomfortable temperatures can reduce productivity in the office, as well as employee morale. Temperatures will distract your employees when it’s cold, causing their performance to suffer, and the company’s as a consequence.

If you have an older HVAC system, it’s likely heating the building inefficiently. New technologies have allowed heating and cooling companies to provide these services at more energy efficient (and cost efficient) rates.

Improper installation, which is also possible if you hired an inexperienced company or installed the system yourself, can reduce the system’s performance by 30%. This could lead to higher utility bills, and could also decrease the machine’s lifespan, requiring you to spend even more money on your heating and air conditioning.

Some companies rely on individual heaters instead of central heating and air systems throughout their commercial building. Not only is this extremely energy inefficient, it also doesn’t heat the building’s bones.

While you and your employees may feel cozy in your office, the pipes of the building could be suffering. This can lead to frozen or burst pipes, which will cost more money to repair, and potentially cost money to shut down the building indefinitely.

Commercial HVAC systems can make sure that your entire building is heated evenly at a fair cost to your wallet, your building, and your employees.

The cold Michigan nights are coming soon, with cold days following not far behind. Make sure that your company is prepared by calling Hager Fox Heating and Air Conditioning Company.