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AC Repair How to Change Your HVAC System Filters

Air testing is important in regards to your HVAC system. When air builds up in the fans and filters of your HVAC system, they can push allergens, pathogens, and dust into the air. Air testing may determine whether or not your HVAC system’s filters need to be changed.

According to, the majority of HVAC system filters need to be changed every one to three months. This is particularly true if you live in a warm climate and therefore run your HVAC system year-round, or at least for a six month period throughout the year. Also, if you have pets it’s especially important to clean out your HVAC system’s filters so your pet’s dander won’t build up and become airborne.

Another reason to routinely change your HVAC system filters is if you happen to live in the country or near a farm. Dirt and dust can become airborne in your home even in the city, but it can be particularly dangerous in a farming territory as the debris from the farm’s animals, fertilizers, and chemicals may be pulled into your HVAC system and then spread throughout your home.

When you live beside a farming community, be sure to routinely perform air testing in order to determine the air quality of your home. This will protect your health from any possible airborne pathogens or allergens that may be caused by your HVAC system’s filter buildup.

How to change your HVAC system filter

When it’s time to change your HVAC system filter, begin by turning off your air conditioning unit. Be sure that you are using the right filter for your air conditioning system before you place it into the unit. Additionally, be sure you are placing the filter in the right direction rather than backward. If there are any gaps around the frame of the filter, it may be that you have purchased the wrong size filter for your AC unit or that your replacement filter has been damaged.

When you have determined your replacement filter has not been damaged, proceed by cleaning any remaining dust or dander that may be left on the system from the prior filter. Secure the new filter in place and replace any seals or levers that may be damaged.

To be sure your HVAC system is working properly after replacing the filter, test its cooling abilities. If changing the filter of your HVAC system does not improve air quality or if your air conditioning unit does not work properly even after changing the filter, there may be something additionally wrong with your unit. Contact your local air conditioning repair service in Lansing, Michigan for the best results or to determine the possibility of needing a new HVAC system.

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