It may still technically be autumn in Michigan, but chances are your winter heating system has already seen a fair amount of use this season. As your home adjusts to the colder climates, be sure to stay alert to any unusual signs that could indicate your furnace desperately needs heating repairs.

There’s nothing worse than having your entire heating service cut off in the dead of winter — so it’s better to catch and fix the warning signs in their early stages before you end up needing to replace the whole system entirely.

  1. Weird Noises
    It’s normal for your furnace to issue a soft kind of hum, but if you start hearing loud bangs, clanks, moans, or whistles, you’ll definitely want to call in a local HVAC company for heating repairs sooner rather than later. Though sometimes these noises just come with old age, they could be a sign of deeper issues.
  2. Uneven HeatingHave that one room in your house that doesn’t seem to get warm, no matter how much you crank up the thermostat? Chances are something’s blocking the flow of warm air through your vents. Regardless of what it is, that blockage could cause a ripple effect of problems throughout your home’s heating system if it’s not dealt with properly.
  3. High BillsIf you have a programmable thermostat and notice your heating bills taking a significant spike over last year, you may have some kind of insulation trouble on your hands. Heat might be escaping through the walls or ceilings of your home, or from the heating system itself. Remember that wasted energy isn’t just bad for your wallet, it’s bad for the environment: without a proper HVAC system and a well-insulated home, your energy efficiency may decrease by as much as 30%.

Don’t take a chance on your winter comfort with a heating system running on its last legs. Watch for the warning signs of an impending breakdown and get the heating repairs you need before it’s too late. A few quick fixes now will give you the peace of mind you need for a long, cozy winter.