In the last post, we talked about some important dos and don’ts to implement if you want to save energy and utility expenses. However, there are many more to keep in mind that can significantly improve energy expenditure. Here are some more tips to remember if you want to improve the energy-efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

    • DO: Prioritize maintenanceSo many people aren’t aware that HVAC maintenance means more than calling an HVAC professional anytime your system stops working. The truth is, most HVAC systems’ filters need to be changed every one to three months, according to, but it depends on how often you use your system. In addition to saving you money, however, changing filters can also improve the air flow and number of allergens in the air — definitely something to keep in mind if you or someone you live with suffers from common household allergies.
    • DON’T: Alter the temperature in the room with the thermostatSurprisingly enough, you can actually throw off the intended temperature of your system by altering the temperature in the room with the thermostat. If it senses that a room is warmer than it actually is, it will overcompensate by working overtime to reach the set temperature. Try to keep the temperature in your home consistent throughout.
    • DO: Consider updating to energy-efficient HVAC systemsDepending on the age of your heating and cooling system, you may want to consider making an upgrade to a model that works better and is more energy-efficient. In fact, switching to high-efficiency air conditioners, in addition to taking other actions to keep your home cool, can reduce energy use for air conditioning by between 20% and 50%.
    • DON’T: Block ductsIt’s important to remember that air can’t circulate properly if the ducts are blocked. Make sure not to block them with furniture and vacuum frequently to avoid excessive dust buildup.

Ultimately, taking advantage of these tips is the best way to noticeably improve your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. For more information about HVAC services, contact Hager Fox.